Amerikaan versus Engels



 At this time by an Collie association in the Netherlands the word “Breedstandard” is very much thrown around.
We once have kept this “Breedstandard” under scrutiny and we will see which  type  of collie comes closest!  

For that we have taken the well-known book by Mia Ejerstad, a must for every breeder!

In shows, an American type is not often seen or appreciated, there are few judges who love this type of collie. This surely didn’t keep us from breeding just this type. The result speakes for itself! It is not the success at shows what motivates us. No it’s the result that counts, the result of the common enthusiastic collie people. Often collies from our kennel are viewed with admiration. Regulary we are asked why the collies in shows, or at some breeders, don’t have anything in common with the collie from the past anymore, the collie which still reminds people of Lassie. Even with the breedstandard  (as the breeders call it themselves) some don’t have anything in common with the modern type collies anymore. For example, where is that wedge-shaped head? The coat should follow the contours of the body. The back length should be longer then the height of the collie.The size: to meet the FCI breedstandard,  bitch 51-56 cm. male 56-61 cm. (American size: Bitches 56-61 cm. males 61-67 cm.) In shows collies have been placed far undersized! Many modern type collies have a definite stop, so they look much like a chow chow head, the wedge-shaped head is completely unrecognizable, on some  it’s completely disappeared. Many Collies look so fluffy, this shepherd, because being a collie still, with the best intention in the world would not be able anymore to exercise  the target that they are actually meant for, herding. 

            English modern type, winner of the well-known crufts in England                   American show type, winner of the Westminister                                                                           


These are the American and Canadian approved colours

The picture below as seen on the website of the club in the Netherland, which leads with the word


A club which thinks “ Breedstandard” is more important then  health!

Look particularly at the picture with the arrow.
As it turns out, this is the picture the FCI has for breedstandard of the Rough collie no. 156

FCI-Standard no. 156 COLLIE (LONGHAIR)

This is an old classic (American type collie) with a White Factor, that this new club disapproves of!
See the arrows, high white hindlegs and the collar far over the shoulders!!
Do’nt you believe it?  
Click on the image for the link of the FCI.

The Head

Both viewed from front or side, the head resemblance to a clean well-blunted wedge with a smooth outline.  In profile view the top of the skull and the top of the muzzle lie in two parallel straight planes of equal length, divided by a slight but perceptible stop. Many (placed) collies have a clear or even exaggerated stop. This gives them a Chow Chow appearance with no wedgeshaped head  to be  seen anymore.




English size Males:  at  the shoulder 56-61 cm.  Bitches: 56-67 cm. Some collies in the English line are undersized, even up to 44 cm!!
So  small people  think they are Sheltie’s!


American size males :  at the shoulder 60-67 cm. Bitches 55-61 cm.

The eye

The eye is almond shaped, medium size,
Never very small!

The last 3 words speak for themselves!ves!





Forelegs straight and muscular, bones round and moderate in size
Nowhere in the breedstandard forequarters are authorized to exhibit sagged wrists



Lower leg: tight and muscular.
Hock: low posted and powerful.



Nowhere is it  authorized to exhibit the hindquarters sickle-heels or feet turned outwards, in other words the welllknown COW HOCKS!

Viewed from rear, hind legs from hock joint to ground to be parallel, but not too close together.
Viewed from side, action is smooth. Hindlegs powerful with plenty of momentum. A reasonable long stride is desirable and should be light and appear effortless. Absolute firmness is essential



Nowhere is it authorized the hindquarters to exhibit cow hocked.


The outer coat is straight and harsh to the touch. The undercoat, however, is soft and furry.


 Nowhere is it written that the coat has to be fluffy!


Clear difference of fur, as early as 8 weeks the English type has an abundance of fur!

Authorized colours

     FCI breedstandard in Europe and England                                                      Breedstandard Amerika and/or Canada         
                   English breedstandard                                                                            American/Canadian breedstandard             

At the FCI there are 3 authorized colours : Sable, Tri Colour and Blue Merle.
At the AKC (American Kennel Club) there are 4 recognized colours: Sable, Tri Colour, Blue Merle and (Colour Headed) White.


Is this the real purpose of breeding? For show, for judging and honour?
Ours, surtainly not!
With this I really do’nt want to praise the American type to high heaven or to detest the modern
English  show type. Absolutely not!
I think some breeders don’t remember the fact once a collie was meant for herding. Maybe one  should try to return to that origin.

At our kennel we started with the English line, until we got to know the American type collie. That, to us , was still “THE Collie”. The classic type collie, from the past, we find that in the American type collie.

All our pup buyers are more than satisfied with their collie. We receive many compliments, e.g:  veterinarians from all over the Netherlands and abroad, from judges and breeders from any other breeds. People who were not eager for a collie anymore, because they thought the origin type collie was no longer available. Those people, they want or have a collie from us and think again

It is marvellous to  own such a large majestic collie.

For us, this is more important then any show results anyway. Naturally for some it’s great to be able to have the prestige of show results, but this is really not the only thing. NO we DO’NT breed fort the honour or for the judges. First the collie of today has to be a healthy family dog again, a dog that is stable, friendly, and reliable in any every day situation.

We hope with our kennel, in our way, to be able to be a source for this beautiful type Collie and for this wonderful breed.  


Immortal Lady’s Lenora Leonara, with 2 of her pups from our L litter

100% American bloodline!


Here is another beautiful film of many well-known collies from the American line , which have  meant lot to this breed

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